06 A public accuse from Ecuador


The website opens like this:

Tropical Nature is a non-profit that owes thousands of dollars in unpaid salary

to past employees.

Board members and top executives have resigned – you might ask yourself why…

If you ask them you might get answers that include:

* No board meetings in 2006 and only two in 2007

* Many violations of bylaws an good practice guidelines

* Withholding salary as a means to cajole former employees into supporting mismanagement

* Public funding likely insufficient to continue as a 501c3

* Board members appearing to manipulate non-profit assets for personal gain

Tropical Nature once headed a system of lodges and conservation areas

but now has been kicked out of some of these projects.

Tropical Nature was kicked out of the Napo Wildlife Center

project where Tropical Nature’s strong-arm tactics by were repelled by the local

indigenous community members. Some Tropical Nature board members behaved

unbelievably poorly in private and appear to have even tried

insert their own companies to receive financial gain from this project (see the chats).

Is this how non-profit organizations should behave?

With the clear intent of appearing in search engines near to www.tropicalnature.org and so discrediting the organization the website talks about illicit behaviour of TN and its board all over SA.

It quotes the case of Napo WildlifeCenter in Ecuador, a community owned project that TN tried to take over in 2006. In May of the same year the ecuadorian government kicked them out (so to the website).

On Napo Wildlife Center’s official website it is specified that they have nothing to do with the Tropical Nature Conservation System.

But they don’t seem willing to talk about the case anymore.

The domain was first registered by Peter English on 15 oct 2007, from 22 nov 2007 it runs under the name of Anangu Community.

Recurrent Names:
Mariana Dolores Valqui Munn, wife of Charles A. Munn, former preseident of Sandoval Lake Lodge S.A., sales manager at Inkanatura Travel, manager at Pantanal Wildlife Center, pantanalwildlifecenter.com is registered under her name
Daniel Hugo Blanco Zamalloa, president of Selva Sur, president of PeruVerde, the website tropicalnature.org is registered under his name from 2000.
Davarian Hall, expedition photographer, travel agent, tropicalnature.org, ecoecuador.org, biobrasil.org, inkanatura.com were first registered under his name.


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