Cronology of events


  • Charles A. Munn works for WCS as field researcher


  • founding of Friends of the Peruvian Rainforest


  • Macaw Landing Foundation becomes 501 (c)3


  • TIME choses Charles A. Munn as one of 100 young leaders for the planet


  • Charles A. Munn builds Sandoval Lake Lodge, Peru
  • foundation of BioBrasil


  • Charles A. Munn shifts from research to eco-tourism
  • Charles A. Munn, Mariana Valqui, Selva Sur denounced in Peru for Sandoval Lake Lodge


  • Inkanatura Association becomes PeruVerde


  • Tropical Nature non-profit is founded
  • Peter English works for TN as CEO


  • WCS and Biobrasil discontinue payment to Carlinhos das Araras


  • Tropical Nature Travel Inc. is founded
  • Tropical Nature sends financial support to Peru Verde, Biobrasil


  • Tropical Nature pays Biobrasil, Ecoecuador, Peruverde


  • Parliamentary Commission of Investigation on Bio-piratery starts


  • MacawLanding stops funding Tropical Nature; Amigos de las Aves, Costa Rica declare that they have nothing to do with ‘other’(not specified) organizations
  • Parque Estadual Encontro das Aguas (Northern Pantanal, MT, Brazil) is created
  • Charles A. Munn buys land inside Meeting of the Waters State Park (Parque Estadual Encontro da Aguas), after the institution of the reserve
  • Richard Devane works for Tropical Nature


  • Ethan Borg works for Tropical Nature
  • Charles A. Munn and Biobrasil cited in final report of CPI biopirataria
  • December, Tropical Nature tries to take over the NapoWildlifeCenter, is kicked out by government of Ecuador (may 2007?)
  • Jaguar Research Center starts operating ,without license (Charles A. Munn in conversations picked up through forums says they were working already in 2005)


  • Peter English(CEO Tropical Nature) is out
  • 17 August 2007, inspection at Jaguar Research Camp by a supervisor of SEMA in consequence of delations


  • Tim Devane funds Birthrightearth
  • 11 June 2008, ten months after the inspection and two months after the embargo Charles A. Munn writes to SEMA asking to be granted a license to operate Jaguar Research Center


  • 16 April 2009, Jaguar Research Center is embargoed by SEMA for operating with tourists without a license (from the documents it’s not clear if the camp was embargoed in 2008 or 2009)
  • On 2 July 2009 after having received the technical report about the inspection at Jaguar Research Center, the competent governmental organ establishes a penalty of 120.000 Brazilian Reais to Charles A. Munn for having disattended the law.
  • On 22 July 2009 the supervisor of the Reserve verifyies that Charles A. Munn is still working with tourists at the embargoed camp
  • On 28 July 2009 the supervisor of the Reserve establishes a new penalty of 250.000 Brazilian reais for not having respected the embargo
  • Through a legal procedure a new inspection at Jaguar Research Center is determined and if established that the embargo is still not being respected a daily penalty of 100.000 Brazilian Reais is asked for every day of illegal work.
  • On 10 September the supervisor ascertains that Charles A. Munn’s enterprise is not respecting the embargo
  • On 14 September the daily fine of 100.000 Brazilian reais per day is applied
  • On 22 October last action is taken by responsible governmental agencies: a new inspection determines that Jaguar Research Center camp is still operating and a penalty of 1.000.000 Brazilian reais is applied, together with the request of dismantling the camp.
  • In the first days of November Jaguar Research Center is dismantled by SEMA and all material of the camp is confiscated.


  • Charles A. Munn answers affirmatively to tourists inquiries about Jaguar Research Center’s disponibility for this year by e-mail
  • Jaguar Research Center is still operating with tourists inside the State Park area using a house boat as lodging solution instead of the dismantled tented camp


  • Jaguar Research Center is scheduled to reopen on July 1th, under the name ‘SouthWild Jaguar Camp’ (, the camp being situated on the opposite riverbank which is not part of Mato Grosso state but of neighbouring state Mato Grosso do Sul, which is not under SEMA’s jurisdiction.

* all information until 2009 regarding Jaguar Research Center are extracted from OFFICIAL documents, you can check out on top menu.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. alberto
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 12:20:39

    now it still running under a float hotel – balsa hotel


    • Lina
      Nov 11, 2011 @ 01:40:17

      I went to JRC and I quite enjoyed the boat. It was less pointless time on the river getting to the good locations for jaguars, and more actual viewings. Many of the guests that were there at the time seemed to be fine with the boat that had A.C. and delicious food!


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