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Mark J.Ginsburg, on the board of directors of Tropical Nature

Mark J. Ginsburg, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, President and Medical Director Dr. Mark Ginsburg has owned and managed clinical medical laboratories for over 20 years both in the private and public sectors. The laboratories have ranged from general medical laboratories such as Cardinal Laboratory to specialty laboratories dealing with dialysis at Rencorp USA. Presently he is the CEO, President and Medical Director of Nationwide Laboratory Services, Inc. His professional life has included private practice in South Florida where he was a Rheumatologist at Rheumatology Associates of South Florida. Dr. Ginsburg has received numerous awards for service including Physician of The Year from Lupus Society of America and most recently a distinguished Alumni Award from Washington University of St. Louis where he did his undergraduate and post doctoral training.

A supporter of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Ginsburg chairs the Gold Coast Regional Cabinet and serves on the Arts & Sciences National Council, the Alumni and Parents Admission Program, the Regional Campaign Committee, and more. He has also provided an endowed scholarship and a named professorship in Arts & Sciences. Dr. Ginsburg’s nonprofit corporation, Tropical Nature, purchases endangered land and builds eco-lodges in partnership with the local people.


Elyssa Kellermann ,secretary of Tropical Nature (and WCS trustee)



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