Peter English

Peter English, former CEO of Tropical Nature

Biologist, part of Tropical Nature from the beginning , he left in 2007, it seems not in very good conditions after the Napo WildlifeCenter accident.

News from Tropical Nature! – [Cached Version]

Published on: 1/1/2007 Last Visited: 11/2/2007

Tropical Nature says goodbye to founding CEO: After six years of leadership, Tropical Nature says goodbye to its founding CEO, Dr. Peter English.During his tenure with the organization, Dr. English reorganized the entire system to stress both conservation and financial sustainability, resulting in a much more stable management across all country programs.Dr. English developed the Ecuador program which has culminated in the most impressive lodge to date: the Napo Wildlife Center; founded Tropical Nature Travel, the travel agency representing the entire system; and set the tone for many more years of success.No successor for Dr. English has been chosen.

Note: Peter English was accused by TN on a webpage in response to, of being responsible for the content of the same page.

Google search cache, page not available anymore:


If you came to Tropical Nature via google search you may have noticed a curious site called <; on the results page. This is not as it appears a publication of the Anangu community in Ecuador but rather the effort of a 42 year old Ph.D in Texas named Peter English.

Peter is a decidedly disgruntled ex employee. We began to worry about Peter a few years ago when he moved from Washington DC, the center of the US environmental community, to Austin Texas without telling anyone. He then got himself a new job. Whereupon his work ethic and productivity for us collapsed to nonexistent. Seemed like we had more cause to be disgruntled than he.

But we think his animus stems from the Norby/Napo incident. Our general policy when we build new lodges is to raise funds for construction and then turn the completed lodge over to a local community or NGO. Thereafter we have no legal ownership but we feel responsible to ensure that the community gets its appropriate share of the financial benefits. It is particularly important to choose a trustworthy city manager for the business who will not take advantage of the relatively unsophisticated forest community.

One of Peter’s responsibilities was to choose this manager in Ecuador regarding the Napo Wildlife Center. After a while questions arose as to whether this fellow was receiving and spending funds that properly belonged to the Anangu community, including expenses in London that would make a junketing congressman embarrassed. Amazingly, Peter instantly and ferociously defended the guy despite repeated requests to help let a neutral inquiry proceed.

Then imagine our surprise when Peter turned around and expected to get paid for his time and expenses in opposing us. When it was suggested he was being petulant he vowed to never speak to us again and ignored the efforts of several parties to address his issues.

And so he has remained, in perfect silence, except for his anonymous screeds on <; .

Don’t you think it odd that a 42 year old professional biologist would pretend to be an Ecuadoran indian in order to vent? We do. Just teasing out selected, out of context, private emails must have taken hours of time, worthy of the Dennis Hopper character in Speed.

He’s a talented guy. We wish him well in his new career. But we sure wish he would get on with it.

Peter English, Lecturer, Ph.D.


Main Office: PAI 3.10D

Phone: 471-6985

Mailing Address

The University of Texas at Austin

School of Biological Sciences

1 University Station, A5400

Austin ,TX 78712


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