Birthrightearth project

Birthrightearth Program / Seeit2saveit

Birthright Earth is an environmental non-profit program that funds eye-opening trips for young people to the rain forests of South America.

The Birthright Earth concept is inspired by, but not affiliated with, Taglit-Birthright Israel, which sends young Jewish adults to Israel to increase their ties to the country.


In the summer of 2008, Tim Devane founded Birthright Earth on the heels of a conversation with his father Richard about the possibility of the program’s success.

Devane began Birthright Earth in collaboration with his father, Richard, who is the director of an eco-tourism company that has two facets: Tropical Nature Travel, which is a for-profit eco-tourism business; and Tropical Nature, the non-profit sector of the organization. Birthright Earth will adopt certain activities and aspects of the itinerary that Tropical Nature has already established and modify them to fit the organization’s purpose.

Hundreds of Jewish American teenagers, including several Wesleyan students, participate each winter and spring in the Birthright Israel program. These young men and women are sent through the program, free of charge, to Israel for 10 days in an attempt to familiarize them with the country and foster solidarity among Jewish young adults throughout the world.

Tim Devane ’09 has spent months designing and launching an organization that applies the concept of Birthright Israel to the growing problem of environmental destruction.

The project was first called SeeIt2SaveIt ( ), the webpage is not longer active. It was registered under the name of Ethan Borg.

Google cache of the site:

Free Amazon Rainforest Trips for Young Americans

Preserving the Amazon Rainforest is one of the great issues facing your generation. Tropical deforestation causes 20% of global warming. Thousands of species critical to the health of the earth are threatened.

Tropical Nature ( protects 20 million acres of Amazon rainforest through ecotourism partnerships with native communities.

But now we need young leaders to come to the Amazon, see what is at stake and then help to get the word out to others.

Modeled on the Birthright Israel program, SeeIt2SaveIt hopes to inspire participants to make a lifelong commitment to tropical conservation.

It will certainly be the trip of a lifetime. Our scientists and guides have the experience and techniques to bring you closer to the Amazon’s hidden wildlife than any other organization.

If you think you can help please apply. Selections for summer 2008 will be made by May 15th.

Board of Advisors of Birthrightearth Program:

Richard Devane (Richard is a graduate of Princeton University (BA) and Harvard Business School (MA). Having done consulting work for the majority of his career including at Bain Consulting, Richard moved into Eco-tourism in 2004, where he designs business models and does consulting for the largest eco-tourism companies in the world..),

Charles Munn (Charles is a graduate of Princeton University (BA, PHD) and Oxford (MA). For the past 25 years, Charles has established himself as an authority on Amazonian biodiversity and is the founding father of South American eco-tourism. His organizations, including Tropical Nature, Tropical Nature Travel, and Inkanatura, promote conservation through eco-tourism.)

BartonSeaver, 30, is a champion of the environment and his devotion to the sustainable ethic has earned him widespread attention in the national media, as well as the title of Rising Star Chef from the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. The Blue Ocean Institute honored Seaver in 2007 for his commitment to ocean conservation, and named him a Fellow in 2009. He has also been lauded as a leader in sustainability by the Seafood Choices Alliance in 2008 and is a nationally recognized writer and speaker. For Seaver, sustainability begins with people and is, at its root, a humanitarian issue, not only an ecological matter. In successfully linking the environmental community with reallife, delicious applications of an ecofriendly nature, Seaver is an inspiration. For his audience, his delectable, healthy, and oceanfriendly seafood creations forge a greater connection with and understanding of the environment, while his achievements and passion for sustainability are evidence that done correctly, it is very possible to both enjoy and preserve the gifts of nature.


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