BioBrasil Foundation

President Pedro Cerqueira Lima

Executive director Richard Hartley

Founded in BioBrasil was Munn’s brazilian alley until it was investigated by the CPI da Biopirataria and disappeared. (domain for sale)

BioBrasil is a non-profit organization that maintains a private nature reserve in Bahia, Brazil and uses scientific research, environmental education, land purchase, and low-impact eco-tourism to “confront the multi faceted threats to the global ecological well being” (BioBrasil, accessed 3/31/03).

from, posted by Daniel Pardo, Bahia (check)

BioBrasil is a non-profit environmental organization based in Lauro de Freitas, Bahia, Brazil, dedicated to the conservation of threatened fauna and flora throughout the country`s various biomes. The Foundation recognizes that innovative approaches are required to confront the multi-faceted threats to the global ecological well-being and tackle economic development challenges spawned by human progress.
The Foundation`s main tools to achieve these goals are scientific research, environmental education, land purchase, local community sustainable development and low-impact ecotourism. The Foundation offers consulting services to farmers and corporations
interested in maintaining private reserves or applying environmentally sustainable agricultural techniques and practices.

BioBrasil believes that an essential element in any conservation strategy is understanding the biological composition of the targeted unit. To that end, extensive research has been carried out by BioBrasil team members in the Atlantic Rainforest, the Cerrado [Wooded Savannah Forest] the Caatinga, and the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazonia. Avifauna surveys are ongoing and recent publications include pieces in National Geographic [March 2000], Geo Magazine [Germany and France, October 1999] International Wildlife [April 2000], NeoTropical Primates [January 2000], BBC Magazine [December 2000] and Ciência Hoje [August 1998] among others.
In conjunction with New York`s Natural History Museum, members of
BioBrasil discovered the wintering grounds of the Sterna dougali [Roseate Tern] off the Coast of Bahia. The World Parrot Trust has sponsored research on the Lear´s Macaw and Golden Conure. Plantações Michelin da Bahia have contracted the Foundation to survey the avifaunal composition of the company`s private reserve.
Increasingly, the acquisition of land by private conservation entities is viewed as an effective measure to ensure large tracts of threatened habitat can be protected for eternity. Environmental NGOs, with stringent by-laws that guarantee the transfer of protected lands to like-minded organizations in case of demise, therefore become large land trusts.
In this vein, BioBrasil has sought to tap available financial support in order to buy up large tracks of threatened habitat and incorporate them into existing reserves or convert them into new reserves. With the backing of the Wisconsin-based Kaytee Avian Foundation, BioBrasil has purchased 4000 hectares of cerrado habitat in the state of Piaui, and plans to acquire another 2700 hectares contiguous to its reserve.
Key parcels of other ecosystems have been targeted by BioBrasil, and include important Lear´s Macaw habitat, Atlantic Rainforest remnants and extensive areas in the Pantanal. The Foundation seeks to form partnerships with groups and entities interested in securing resources to expand BioBrasil`s protected lands.
Though it has long been hailed as a means to balance environmental imperatives with economic progress, ecotourism has often failed to achieve either of those goals. Over-exploitation of natural resources and under-utilization of local people`s knowledge have resulted in many enterprises that neither protect the physical surroundings nor provide opportunities for the communities in which they operate.
BioBrasil`s ecotourism projects endeavor to provide the visitor with breath-taking natural spectacles while ensuring that the money this tourist spends stays in the locale of operation or used by the various conservation projects developed by the Foundation.
While the
Foundation currently owns two eco-lodges it also operates tours throughout Brazil that offer the participant exposure to an awesome array of Brazilian fauna. Among the highlights are the eight monkey species [including the White Uakari] , two river dolphin species, twelve macaw species [including Hyacinth Macaws, Blue-and-gold, Scarlet , Green-winged, Chestnut-fronted, Blue-headed, Blue-winged, Golden collared, Red-bellied and the extremely rare Lear`s macaw], the Golden Conure, Hawk-headed Parrots, most Amazons, Giant Otters, Giant Anteaters, Capybaras, Maned Wolves, groups of 10,000 Scarlet Ibises and various species of whales and sea turtles.

president Pedro Cerqueira Lima (owner of CETREL S.A. a company that treats industrial effluent and which owns a large area of cerrado. Cetrel S/A Empressa De Proteção Ambiental Do Polo Petroquimíco De Camacari, Interligação Estrada Do Coco Km 9, CEP 42810, 000, Camacari, Bahia, Brazil. Mentioned that he was representative for a project for WCS also)

executive director Richard Hartley grew up in Europe and South America, received his BA in International Relations from American University and completed his M.Ed. in International Development in Education at Howard University. Formerly a full-time journalist, he continues to write for publications including the Washington Post, International Wildlife, American Foreign Service Journal and Cotinga Magazine. In 1994 Richard moved to Salvador, Brazil, where he serves as executive director of BioBrasil, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of threatened fauna and flora throughout the country’s various biomes. The Foundation recognizes that innovative approaches are required to confront the multi-faceted threats to the global ecological well-being and tackle economic development challenges.

Received funding from: TN (2002), TN (2003), Macaw Landing Foundation (2002, 2003), Kaytee Avian Foundation

Appendix 7 (Newspaper clippings about BioBrasil /Charles A. Munn/JRC):

Newspaper clippings BioBrasil, C.A. Munn, JRC, Peru


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