EcoBolivia Foundation = Madidi Travel s.r.l

Rosa Maria Ruiz, owner of Serere Sanctuary and founder of EcoBolivia Foundation

Is a bolivian enviromentalist with a turbulent biography. (see appendix 6)

Munn seems to be involved with Madidi since the Bolivian government hired him as a consultant in 1992 to help define the park, there are traces of his ‘frequentation’ with R.M.Ruiz, but the position he had in all this upheavel is not clear.

Received funding from: Macaw Landing Foundation


$33,000 to Eco Bolivia Foundation, for the purchase of the land rights of a 20,000-acre plot of primary lowland rainforest and open forest on the Bolivian side of the Heath River in the remote NW corner of the Bolivian lowlands. This site was under the control of a Brazil nut collector named Mr. Rodrigo until this grant made it possible for the nonprofit Eco Bolivia Foundation to acquire his land rights and thus start protecting this entire area. The area is full of macaws.


Travelers question about Madidi Travel:


Appendix 6 (article by Christine Fennessy about Rosa Maria Ruiz, article Madidi Park):

An environmentalist vision in ashes

Estàn en juego 150 millones de dòlares


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