Selva Sur

Selva Sur (ACSS) Conservation Association for the Southern Rainforest of Peru, ASOCIACION DE CONSERVACION PAR LA SELVA SUR

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Selva Sur has purchased more than 11,000 acres of intact Andean cloud forest on the amazing bird watching road adjacent to the Manu park. The creation of this private reserve has been funded by the Inca Group of companies of Arequipa, Peru, the World Parks Endowment, Friends of the Peruvian Rain Forest, the Weeden Foundation, and WCS.


Contributions to the ACSS are tax-deductible in the U.S., when checks are made out ot Friends of the Peruvian Rainforest. FPR passes along 100% of any gifts for ACSS. In Peru the ACSS is a legal, registered charity.

Inka Natura/Selva Sur

Casilia 1200
Cusco PERU
phone: 084 240911

President Daniel Hugo Zamalloa Blanco (secretary of tropical Nature, president PeruVerde)

Daniel Blanco, David Ricalde, Charles Munn (Asociación para la Conservación de la Selva Sur)

Received funding from: Macaw Landing foundation

Created on 01/07/1993, RUC: 20146897968, it is probably the first peruvian NGO that worked in tandem with Munn. Owners of Sandoval Lake Lodge until 1999. After the Sandoval Lake Lodge incident in 1999 where Selva Sur and Mariana Valqui were involved, they kind of disappeared.

In 2008 they reappear (in SUNAT documents they result closed from 10/11/2006):

Febrero 2008


Reconocen nueva Área de Conservación Privada (ACP) en Perú: Bosque Nublado (Cusco)

En el 17 de enero 2008 fue publicada en el diario oficial “El Peruano” la Resolución Ministerial No.032-2008-AG

que reconoce el Area de Conservación Privada Bosque Nublado, ubicada en el distrito de Kosñipata, provincia de

Paucartambo, Departamento de Cusco, con una superficie de 3, 353.88 hectáreas. El área es propiedad de la

Asociación para la Conservación de la Selva Sur (ACSS).

Appendix 3 (La Gaceta 1999, article about the SSL lodge irregularities; Munns version):

Peru, Sandoval LakeLodge_La gaceta

Munn’s version, page 6


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